Bluegrass BBQ Inc.

Welcome to Bluegrass Gourmet Barbeque Sauces! Compliment your cooking, smoked meats and entertaining with our award-winning sauces that truly are “America’s Taste for Barbeque Sauce.” 

Developed in 2004 by West Virginia meat smoker, Jim Gilbert, these delectable sauces capture the special BBQ ‘tastes’ of 4 different regions of the country.  Jim’s use of an unparalleled blend of spices allows you to experience the tastes of smoky (Memphis), spicy (Texas), sweet (Kansas City) and vinegar (North Carolina). Our spices and natural ingredients provide a unique and satisfying taste not found anywhere else, and when you read our story and taste them for yourself, you’ll understand why there is truly ‘nothing else like it!”

Bluegrass BBQ Inc., a Nashville company, is now being distributed in 7 states and can be found in numerous Kroger stores and Cincinnati food giant, Jungle Jim’s.  Perfect for home cooks and grillers, the Original, Spicy and Blueberry will bring out the best in your smoked and grilled meats.  Browse our website, look at our products read our story and visit our retailer page to find out where to purchase these sauces in your neighborhood. Or….if you just can’t wait, contact us and place an order directly – we’ll ship it out in time for your next BBQ!

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Bluegrass Gourmet BBQ Sauces